About Us

Zillon International Inc supplies Stock lots/ Job lots of paper rolls to a wide range of customers in various countries. We possess extensive knowledge of maximum grades of paper and are very proficient at sourcing the most compatible raw material for our customers. Zillon serves to both customers and suppliers in the paperboard industry, and builds long-term, trusted relationships with each and all. Being a consistent source of material to our customers as well as being a large volume, quick paying outlet of material to our suppliers, we have earned a name of a trusted Exporter in the industry. We pursue excellence, and focus on long-term, profitable relationships. Work with us once, and you will work with us forever.


What we are doing so far

Art Paper

Art Paper Coated Two Side in Sheets.

Cast Coated

Cast Coated and Mirror Coated Paper

Chromo Paper

Chromo Paper Coated One Side Rolls

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper

Leather Release Paper

Leather Release Paper One time used


Light Weight Coated Publication Rolls

Metalise Paper

Metalise Paper

Metalise Board

Metalise Board

Non Woven

Non Woven

Non Woven Paper

Non Woven Paper

Photo Paper

Photo Paper Inkjet/Polycoated

Pre Printed Kraft

Pre Printed Kraft Virgin & Recycled

PSA Label

Self Adhesive Paper/Plastics

Release Base Paper

Release Base Paper CCK/SCK

Woodfree Colour Paper

Woodfree Colour Paper & Card

Printed Beer Label Sheets


Pre Printed Paper in Butt Rolls

Contact Us

Zillon International Inc

550 South Hill Street,
Suite 1000, Los Angeles,
CA 90013